Ribbon Cutting on Wausau's West Side

by Logan Wenger at WSAU


After nearly 4 years of work, the "Gateway to the West Side of Wausau" was opened Friday.

The Wausau Chamber of Commerce and the Wausau River District were both in attendance for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Elizabeth Field, Executive Director of the Wausau River District, explains everything that's been done over the past 4 years.

"There's been some beautiful street-scaping that's happened," said Field. "Brand new sidewalks, roads, beautiful stone pavers, Wausau's first table-top intersection, new lamp posts and garbage cans on the near west side. So really just a great re-investment in the area."

Mayor Robert Mielke was in attendance for the ribbon cutting as well and says that it was the west side's "turn" for a renovation.

"Respectfully, we've done a lot downtown," Mielke said. "We've done stuff on the east side, now if you want to call it - it's the west side's 'turn'. And this is the start as far as trying to attract new business. The infamous 'if you build it they will come', this is what we're trying to aim for."

Shoppers can get an extended look at the new improvements on Saturday, November 5th from 9 to 5 and Sunday, November 6th, from noon until 4 during the 24th annual Christmas on First Open House.

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