Road improvement now complete on River District's westside Streetscaping on 2nd Ave. Complete

By Holly Chilsen at WSAW

Improvements to 2nd and 3rd Avenue in Wausau between Stewart Avenue and Elm Street are now complete.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Friday to mark the completion.

The upgrades include stone sidewalks, plants and trees, LED street lights, and redgranite boulders.

The streets and sidewalks were also built at the same level make it easier for pedestrians to get around.

"There's no difference between the sidewalk and the street. Basically calm traffic and make it easier for pedestrians to get around. Wausau's been focused on becoming a more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly community and this is one of those things that really showcases and highlights the fact that it's actually happening,” explains Elizabeth Fields from the Wausau River District.

She adds that the improvements will help attract new business to the area as well. And make this a destination shopping area in Wausau's River District.

Maggie Christians is the owner of Navieve Fromagerie. She said the construction was a bit of a headache for her business.

"It's been a rough summer, especially for new businesses," she said. "It's been pretty slow. We noticed quite a drop off."

Now, Christians is breathing a big sigh of relief and is looking forward to seeing more customers in her store just in time for the busy season.

"With Christmas and Thanksgiving, cheese sales always pick up, and we're adding to the shop now too, so we're going to add olive oils and vinegars."

The holiday shopping season for the Wausau River District gets kicked off with "Christmas on First" Nov. 5 - 6.

During the last two years, the west side of river has scene numerous changes including a new R Store gas station at the corner of 3rd and Stewart. Covantage Credit Union moved from its location at Alexander and S. 1st Ave to the former Associated Bank location on Stewart Ave. And Rosati's Pizza has taken over the former Pizza Hut location on 1st.

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