Community Painted Pianos Debuting in Wausau’s River District

A community piano is a new installation on the corner of Scott and 3rd Streets. This colorfully painted piano will be out for passers-by to play as a way to continue to encourage community engagement with the arts and music. The bright patchwork design was created by community members during June and July’s First Thursdays as a fun interactive addition to the shopping and music event. The Violet Loft donated Annie Sloan chalk paint and opened their doors to First Thursday participants who were then able to make their mark on the instrument. 

Wausau River District hopes that this interactive art piece will be an exciting addition to the downtown area. Elizabeth Field, Executive Director of Wausau River District, is looking forward to the impact this project will have in the community.  “We’re very excited to bring this community project to Wausau. It speaks volumes to where we are going as a community to be able to bring something done on the international scale here to the River District. It further enhances the focus on arts in downtown Wausau.” Field says. Other cities have installed these community pianos with great success such as in Denver and Portland. Wausau River District wants to see that kind of success here, and to get the community involved in participating in creating their own music downtown. 

Romey Wagner, City Council Alderperson for District 2, strongly supports the project, stating, "Spontaneous piano playing ringing out, with old friends and new friends striking up in song, smiling and creating our Saturday Evening Post cover, snowflakes or sun beams making everyone feel they are welcome.  That is what I see and hear when I close my eyes thinking of this the first of many pianos being placed around our downtown!" 

Wausau River District hopes to expand on this initiative in the near future, adding painted pianos to be placed throughout downtown Wausau’s River District. 

The piano is on the corner of Third and Scott Streets for everyone to experience and enjoy.