City of Wausau installs cameras around 400 Block to improve public safety New surveillance cameras put up on 400 Block added for safety


By:  Kevin Carr with WZAW

The Wausau Police Department now has eyes on the 400 Block 24-hours a day following the installation new surveillance cameras.

The cameras were installed Wednesday near 3rd Street and Scott, 4th Street and Jefferson and on top the Grand Theater.

The installment of cameras was proposed last year after concerns rose concerning the number day-drinkers on the 400 Block, Mayor Robert Mielke said.

"In a facility or location that size, when you have a lot of people congregating, it's just good to have as far as another thing for the police to use as far as to monitor, see what's happening," Mielke said.

The technology is designed to be a public safety tool, but Wausau Police will be able to utilize it to help crack future cases that occur around the 400 Block.

"If something does happen, we're able to go right to the video to be able to watch it live, or to go back in time to review the recording," Wausau Police Lieutenant Ben Graham explained.

Graham said all patrol lieutenants will be able to access a live feed that shows what the cameras are viewing 24 hours a day.

"Hopefully that will deter those with a criminal lean to not behave criminally when they're out and about," Graham said.

While police use the cameras, City-County IT helps maintain them. And though not everyone may be comfortable walking under surveillance, Mielke believes the new cameras do more good than harm.

"It's not used to be intrusive, or anything negative," Mielke said. "It's just another way of boosting public safety and security, and frankly it's just today's world."

Besides the cameras around the 400 Block, Graham said existing cameras around the city can be found by Thomas Street and Grand Avenue, around the police station and in city hall.

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