Street art contest runner-up to finish mural at new Wausau restaurant


By:  Maria Szatkowski with WZAW

In the last several weeks the city of Wausau has become home to more than a dozen new murals.

The newest is set to be complete Oct. 3 in a restaurant on Third Street in Wausau.

Artist Stephanie Kohli recently won second place in the city's 'Art Lives Here' street art contest. Now, her work will be featured in the city's newest restaurant, Daly's. The restaurant's bar will open next month.

Kohli said she was honored to create the mural.

"For me this is such an amazing opportunity to have such a large piece of artwork right here near the 400 Block. There's a lot of different festivals and things that go on here, so it's a good place to have artwork out in the art scene."

Kohli's mural is about half-done. She said she hopes to finish next week.

Daly's is located at 307 Third St. in Wausau.

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