Wausau Approves Peddle Pub Business


By:  Logan Wenger at WSAU

The Wausau City Council voted to approve the creation of a peddle pub business in the city by a 10-1 at their common council meeting Tuesday night. 

Daniel Dadabo would run the business with his fiance Ashley Sampson. Dadabo explains what exactly a peddle pub is.

He said, "It's basically a large bike (where) you start at one location and you peddle with you and a group of up to 14 people around to different bars and restaurants. You stop at each one and have a couple drinks and get back on the bike and peddle on. There's a driver, who's not drinking, that's in charge of making sure everybody is having a good time and being safe."

Dadabo says he's been working with the police department to determine what routes can be used.

"We've got some ideas for routes around the 400 block and things like that. The routes that we've talked about would all be approved by the police station to make sure that we're keeping noise levels and things like that to areas where it wouldn't bother people," said Dadabo.

Dadabo says he's been in contact with other peddle pub businesses on both the east and west coasts and says he even recently flew down to North Carolina to learn more about a business there. 

Dadabo says they're still in the process of purchasing their first peddle pub. He says the typical cost is somewhere between $300 and $400. 

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