Wausau river district hosts 25th annual Christmas on First open house


By:  Neena Pacholke with WAOW

Business owners in Wausau's River District welcomed many shoppers and holiday spirit into their doors over the weekend.

The 25th annual Christmas on First Open House featured many stores on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Avenues, including The Needle Workshop and River District's Antiques. 

"It's a terrific weekend," said River District Antique's Owner, Jim Schaefer. "Yesterday [was] fabulous and today has been so far really really good."

Community members spent their weekend spreading holiday cheer going through the different stores. 

"It has become a neighborhood event so people will run into friends and stop and have little chats, and it's really a wonderful thing," Kari Bender, owner of The Needle Workshop, said.

Bender has been a part of every single Christmas on First Open House. 

"It started out to just kind of get people in the holiday spirit because with the things that we carry, people need to get started early if they're going to complete their projects in time for Christmas so it just seemed like a nice thing to be able to work with our neighbors and get people to go back and forth through different shops that they might not otherwise visit," Bender said.

"It gets to be a good time of the year, people are a little bit looser, a little bit more friendly," Schaefer said. 

The two-day event wrapped up on Sunday. 

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