New program to help visitors discover Wausau River District


By WSAW Staff 

 A new online tool for visitors to more easily navigate downtown Wausau is set to launch.

To explain what the Wausau Digital Concierge is Sunrise 7 was joined by Elizabeth Brodek, Executive Director of the Wausau River District and Douglas Miskowiak, Senior GIS Education Specialist at UW-Stevens Point.

The Wausau Digital Concierge (WDC) is an online service that exhibits the wonderful amenities located in downtown Wausau, including shops, cultural venues, hotels, restaurants, and even places of worship. 
This is how it works; the WDC uses a map to represent the geographic location of each amenity, while photography and a text narrative summarizes the services and characteristics offered at each venue. The service links to driving or walking directions that begin from the user’s present location.

The project, set to be presented to city leaders Tuesday, is a partnership among the Wausau River District, the Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce, and the Geographic Information Systems Center at UW-Stevens Point.

Region partners expressed their desire to market Wausau and put that information directly in the hands of tourists, visitors and people looking to Wausau as a potential place to live and work.

According to Brodek, The Wausau Digital Concierge is designed to help visitors learn what venues are available to them in the River District. It’s an exceptional tool to help visitors plan a trip. Once in Wausau, the WDC on a smartphone puts the River District in the palm of the user’s hand to assist in navigation from place to place. WDC markets much of what the Wausau downtown has to offer and heightens the visibility and accessibility of its venues.

The WDC is freely accessible using any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet. Users access the tool using a web browser, like Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Typing “Wausau Digital Concierge” in a web search or directly typing the address will find and open the tool.

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