Small business owners' optimism at its highest

By:  Mimi Mitrovic with WAOW

Small business owners around the nation have the highest positive outlook in 10 years.

Random small business owners completed a survey to look into their present and future situations.

The survey also evaluated other elements such as financial situation, revenue, and the number of employees.

Back in Wausau, local small business owners said they feel the same optimism as others.

"Its been growing," said Bobbie Marshall from Sweet Lola's in downtown Wausau. 

Owners and employees of small business around the area said the shift from consumers buying at big time companies to local is why they stay successful.

"They focus on customer experience and customer service," said Wausau River District Executive Director Elizabeth Brodek.

Marshall said with everyone shopping at small stores, it helps them grow.

"It's been great," said Marshall.

Brodek said Wausau has seen several local businesses opening up in the area just this summer.

"We are planning on seeing more coming in September" said Brodek.

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