Wausau's 'Spokeeasy' Pedal Pub open for business

By Stacia Kulakowski at WSAW

Their motto is, 'You don't exactly know what it is, but you know you want to try it," and that's exactly what many in the area are doing with the new 'Spokeeasy' Pedal Pub.

The 'Spokeeasy' is an eco-friendly, pedal-powered trolley that is used to make pub crawls throughout the Wausau area.

The bicycle can fit up to 14 people at a time, who all have to pedal in order to make the trolley move.

The rules are that riders have to bring their own beer, not glass or liquor, and have fun!

The pedal pub has two different routes that riders can choose from ranging from downtown Wausau to the riverfront area.

If you have a special occasion coming up, or would just like to give the bike a try, 

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