Downtown Wausau Dining Week Restaurants say slow start on Monday won't affect overall success

By:  Emily Boyer at WSAW

 Participating Wausau Dining Week Restaurants took a hit on Monday during the kick off of the event when a major snow storm forced people to spend their day digging out rather than eating out.

Blake Opal-Wahokse said the storm did cause a lot of people to stay home and took a toll on profits for the day, but added that Monday was the best day it could have happened.

"Whenever we have a snow storm, things downtown slow down a little. But now that the weather has slowed down, business is picking up. Most people tend to come out on the weekends anyway and some restaurants are closed on Monday."

Now restaurants are preparing for a busy weekend. Opal-Wahokse said there is something for everyone-- even those who would rather enjoy their meal from home.

"If you don't have time to sit around at a restaurant for dinner, we do have a lovely option over at La Prima Deli where you can pick-up your entrees to-go, and then take them home and cook them at your own house"

There's still time to take advantage of the three-course meal options-- which comes at a discounted price. Downtown Wausau Dining Week ends on Friday the 20th after businesses close. For more information you can watch the videos at the top of this web page.

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