Wausau-area first responders participate in photo shoot fundraiser

By:  News Watch 12

 Dozens of officers came together in downtown Wausau on Monday, but not because of an emergency. A special workshop brought police officers, firefighters, and EMS crews together for a photo shoot. 

"This is so awesome," said After Dark photography mentor Dan Davis.

After Dark Education, a photography workshop, was held with a little help from law enforcement.

"The police, and the bomb squad, and the fire department, doing some really cool stuff," said Davis. "We're hoping water hoses are going to fly and we don't destroy any camera equipment in the process." 

Various Wausau-area first responder agencies created mock scenarios for photography students to capture, but this After Dark event wasn't just so photographers could improve their craft.

"Today is special because we're here for a charity event," said Brian DeMint, another After Dark mentor. 

Some of the photos taken will be used in a calendar. Proceeds will go to EMPD Blue Hearts, an organization that supports law enforcement officers and their families. 

"That really hits home, we're really humbled by that support from this photography community," said Wausau firefighter Bob Rode.

Working together was a unique experience for the photographers and first responders.

"It's really neat to kind of work hand in hand a little bit with them. We're coming from a different angle from more artistic backgrounds but try to find that, what works for them in a realistic environment," said Davis.

"Always fun learning, learning something new, so we had a great time," said Rode.

A great time, that should create a great product.

"They should get some phenomenal shots and the calendar should be outrageously good," said DeMint.

"It's really going to be fun, it's going to be a really cool thing," said Davis. 

This particular workshop was titled "After Dark 1274." The 1274 represented Everest Metro Police Detective Jason Weiland's badge number. Weiland lost his life while responding to the Wausau shootings last year. 

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