Wausau planning to make downtown parking easier

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By: Victoria Saha with WAOW


Some new ideas are on the table to help manage those frustrating parking problems in downtown Wausau. 

The number one idea on the list was providing 90 minutes of free parking for everyone.

It's one of the proposals that are being discussed at a City Hall meeting on Tuesday.

Most parking spaces downtown are metered or have very specific rules which give locals a time crunch when they visit.

The manager of Compass Properties who owns buildings in the area said the issue has gotten out of hand.

"We were advocating two hour free parking for everyone every day for third street," said Mark Craig.

One business owner is hopeful the new parking idea will bring in more traffic to her store.

"A lot of people tend to be rushing in and out and they seem to be in a hurry a lot," said Lauren Rosemburgy. "I think with longer parking it will make everyone a lot more relaxed."

Tuesday's meeting will discuss more than providing 90 minutes of free parking.

"The finance committee will be authorizing the purchase of multi pay stations and the license plate recognition software," said Maryanne Groat the Wausau Finance Director.

It will allow cameras to recognize your license plate number and if you want to pay for more time you can do so from your phone.

Tuesday's meeting is just the first step, another meeting will take up on Thursday and then will still need to be approved by the full council. 

If the the proposed plan does get approved it will take effect by the end of the summer.

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