Wausau YWCA hosts forum on racial reconciliation

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- In what might be the most polarizing political climate in recent years, one group visits Wausau in effort to help raise awareness to certain injustices.

The Wausau YWCA hosted the nurturing diversity partner’s doctor Fran Kaplan and Reggie Jackson.

They try to help educate people to foster diversity and inclusivity in communities. On Sunday in Wausau, the duo spoke about why inclusivity is important even in central Wisconsin.

"I think the richness of America, the diversity of America is really the strongest suit we have. The fact that we have people from so many people from so many cultures. And all of these cultures combine to make us a very diverse nation on the planet. And we should appreciate and explore the fact that people have differences not as negatives, but as positive. So we can become a very rich cultural nation," Jackson said.

The nurturing diversity partners finished their Wausau forums Sunday, they will continue to travel around the Midwest.