Whatever Happened to?: Glen Moberg

By    Jeff Thelen  , WSAW

By Jeff Thelen, WSAW

It was actually a camping trip to northern Wisconsin while working as a reporter in Chicago in 1990 that helped write the first verse in Glen Moberg's time here, "it rained, so I went to visit the TV stations in this area because we had nothing to do it was raining out. And Mark sat me down and welcomed me with open arms and I sat and chatted with him for a couple hours and walked away thinking wouldn't it be great to leave behind the crime and the dirt and the grime of the big city."

Mark is former NewsChannel 7 news director Mark Zelich. Two years later Zelich retired and called Glen to come back to Wausau to apply for the job.

During his nearly 6-years as news director and anchor, Glen says the train derailment that lead to the evacuation of Weyauwega is the story that sticks out the most. He says he's also proud of the team he assembled.

After his time at NewsChannel 7, Glen worked mostly behind the scenes at Channel 9. Then, for the last 15-years he's been with Wisconsin Public Radio. A job that's earned him dozens of awards from various journalistic organizations.

Glen says, "I think I was able to turn out some of my best work because I was able to focus on just being a story teller and an anchor and a reporter."

He and his wife also own the Northwoods Goldsmith jewelry store in downtown Wausau.

In September, Glen was handed devastating news after stomach trouble sent him to the doctor, "and they discovered that I had cancer, stomach cancer and it's terminal and there's really nothing they can do to fix it."

Now, he's enjoying life as much as possible. Writing, playing and recording music and calling people he hasn't spoken to in years.

"What you need to do is live each day as if it might be your last, because it could very well be. Think twice before you say something harsh think twice before you insult somebody or get mad if someone is important to you, let them know that you love them."

Glen is undergoing chemotherapy. He says it won't cure him but may extend his life. And since he has good quality of life right now, he's having the treatment.