Wausau Winter Fest continues despite cold temperatures

By    Jerel Ballard    - WSAW

By Jerel Ballard  - WSAW

WAUSAU, Wis (WSAW) -- The cold weather on Saturday resulted in several outdoor activities during the Wausau Winter Fest to be canceled. Meanwhile, the indoor activities went off without a hitch.

“Don’t let the cold weather scare you, come on out,” said Wausau native Mae Cantrell, as she admired the ice sculptures on the 400 Block. “There is so much to do, just dress warm,” she added. “My daughter and I just made bath salts and now we are going to have some Mac and Cheese inside."

Despite the weather, dozens of families braved freezing temperatures to participate in the free activities throughout the downtown area. This was the eighth year in a row that Wausau Events organized the event.

"Generally, this weekend for the last eight years have been fantastic. It's been about 35 degrees and sunny,” explained Lindsey Lewitzke, who serves on the Board for Wausau Events. “We knew we would eventually get really cold weather and this happens to be that day.”

There was everything from horse-drawn carriage rides, ice skating, face painting, live music and even a slide made of snow. Many participants popped in and out of nearby businesses just to stay warm.

“If you are going to come outside, you must make sure you have the top five items,” explained Oshay Johnson, as he ice skated with his best friend. “Make sure you have a hat, snow pants, coat, gloves, and boots.”

The Wausau Winter Fest happens one day out of the year, but the snow slide will remain on the 400 Block until it melts.