CBD on menus in Wausau, but human use studies are limited

By:  Ally Wallenta - WAOW

By: Ally Wallenta - WAOW

WAUSAU (WAOW) —  CBD is now being added into drinks at bars across the state, including in Wausau.

One of the owners of Daly’s in downtown Wausau said customers have been intrigued by the new addition to the menu.

“People are interested in having CBD with their cocktail,” Owner Tee Daly said.

The trend started after hemp was legalized as an industrial crop in Wisconsin.

CBD oil is a hemp product, and can contain trace amounts of  THC,which is also found in marijuana. However, CBD oil doesn’t cause a high like marijuana does.

The Great Dane is also serving CBD beverages, including beer.

“The owners, I know, believe in the benefits of CBD,” said General Manager Corey Young.

One scientist said that CBD can help with anxiety, sleep and inflammation. But the studies on human use are still


One concern about CBD is that it’s not regulated like other drugs.

“A drug you buy from the pharmacy, there’s a lot of control over it,” said Cecilia Hilliard, the Director of the Neuroscience Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Hilliard warns that like any crop, hemp can be contaminated by pesticides, heavy metals and mold.

She suggest asking about the CBD being used to ensure its quality.

Both Daly’s and the Great Dane said they work with suppliers to make sure their CBD is up to standards.