Small Business Saturday successful for area businesses



Now that Black Friday has wrapped up shops all across America and right here in central Wisconsin geared up for Small Business Saturday.

Saturday’s rain and muggy weather did not stop shoppers from checking out what their local stores had to offer.

“It reminds people that we are down here and let’s people know what new businesses have come there’s a lot of people that don’t come very often and just around Christmas shopping it is a reminder to the community,” said Katie Crotteau the floral designer at Evolutions in Design downtown.

Crotteau said her store had heavy traffic throughout Saturday morning.

They were promoting 25 percent off items that were on a tree or had a tree in it.

“I think this weekend just proves to everyone that people want to come out and see and experience what Christmas is like in retail and kind of that old school style of decorating and getting out,” Crotteau said.

All throughout our area people were shopping local and taking advantage of the holiday season.

“When you come in here you usually end up seeing our kids running around so you aren’t only supporting us and the local Wisconsin cheese makers and other artisans but you are also supporting our family,” said Maggie Christians the owner of Navieve Fromagerie.

One woman tells News 9 she prefers to shop local rather than chain stores.

“I think the big box store are taking over everything they are driving out local merchants,” said Carolyn Susor.” The local merchants they tend to specialize more and you don’t see that everything and that’s important.”

Shopping local comes with a big benefit to the community, according to experts.

The Wausau River District said if you spend $100 at a local business, $68 of that stays in the community.