2019 Concerts on the Square Lineup Released

WSAU - Liz Holbrook

WSAU - Liz Holbrook

WAUSAU, WI (WSAU) -- A sure sign that summer around the corner is the release of the concert lineup for Wausau Event's Concerts on the Square series.

This year the series will run from June 5th until August 21st. Wausau Event's new Executive Director Madison Nowak says the lineup this year features old favorites along with some new faces.

"Some groups like Johnny and the MoTones, the Copper Box, and the Ian Ash Band are all different groups that we have brought in before that we're bringing back. There are also some new ones. And we have also added two more concerts this year, which is pretty exciting. So we're really extending our season a little bit."

Since it's been 9 months from the end of the previous season, Nowak does have some reminders about etiquette at the concerts especially regarding saving spots with blankets.

"When people lay blankets over the grass it tends to suck in all that moisture and kill it. So we ask that no blankets are laid out until concert time is starting. We kind of just like to preface that and tell people, you lay them out, you have to move them. We also want to remind everyone these are family events. We encourage family-friendly behavior as well."

Nowak says the experience at the concerts vary from week to week with different vendors and sponsors. "We still will have an array of food vendors that attend. We usually have about six that come to each concert. And they alternate throughout weeks every other week you have different food vendors that are attending. So it always just kind of depends each night. Every week and every night is a little bit different."

The Concerts on the Square take place at the 400 block in downtown Wausau from 6 to 8 pm every Wednesday from June until mid-August. 2019 is Concerts on the Square's 26th year in downtown Wausau. You can see the full lineup at www.wausauevents.org/concerts-on-the-square