The move of La Prima from Fulton Street to Wausau's Downtown . . .

The move of La Prima from Fulton Street to Wausau’s Downtown was not easy, but worth it.  We had out grown our Fulton Street home and needed to expand.  The opportunity came along after a long search and we were excited!  I loved the vibe in our city’s downtown and hoped it would be all we needed to take our business to the next level!  We started out pretty shaky.  Resources were limited, especially our budget. We really wanted to prove ourselves as being up to the challenge to our new customer base, but we were struggling.  We reached out to local business owners for guidance.   What happened was pretty amazing.   Our business neighbors rallied round in ways I never expected.  We got help with marketing, printed materials and actual cost saving solutions.  New accounts were offered that gave us credibility.  

One talented, resourceful neighbor came to our rescue by transforming our shop to a warm and inviting atmosphere for our customers, while making it our special brand and Identity!   Never once did any of these individuals ask for anything in return!  This was Awesome, knowing full well what it takes to run a business day in and day out.  I will never forget all the generosity of precious time, talent and resources.   

This is only one story of many people, business owners and customers who helped our small business blossom.  It taught me a most valuable lesson, the importance of paying it forward.  I am proud to be part of this Down Town.  I am surrounded by generous, hardworking, talented business’ who want nothing more than to see their neighbors succeed.  That is the true mark of a great community!

La Prima
Rollinda R. Thomas

I love having my business located in Downtown Wausau . . .

I love having my business located in downtown Wausau. When I first started my business I got involved at the YWCA, because they offered affordable office spaces to new business owners. I stayed at that location for two years before my business outgrew that space. I then moved my business into the Washington Square Plaza. It has been a convenient location for me, because of its central location. It’s easy for my employees, clients, and other people I do business with to stop by the office as needed, and it’s just as easy for me to come and go as I need to. 

Another thing I love about the downtown location is all the different shops, diners, and places for me to entertain. Each of these places are available for me to go to when I am meeting clients. I also enjoy being located where there are so many great festivals and activities happening right outside my office window. The First Thursday and the 400 Block always provide great entertainment.

I have had an excellent experience running my business in downtown Wausau. I enjoy supporting the other River District businesses and have seen great benefits to the relationships I have with them. Having my business located downtown has helped me create many relationships with the other business owners, and they continue grow on both a business and personal level.

Bob Schneider,

Executive Cleaning


When Alan Shepherd & Stan Schaller opened Wausau’s favorite Sporting Goods store in 1949 . . .

When Alan Shepherd & Stan Schaller opened Wausau’s favorite Sporting Goods store in 1949 at 212 Scott Street, Downtown was the heartbeat of the community.  It’s where people came to conduct business, go to school, enjoy entertainment, engage with government, relax, meet friends and take care of their families.  Setting up shop on the outskirts of the city was never considered. Being part of the pulse of the city would ensure the store was front and center, or “top of mind” as they say today, and customers appreciated the convenience of the location. 

Downtown Wausau is still the heartbeat of the city.  Only Downtown has a genuine personality, a sense of place, history, purpose and charm.  Business today can be conducted completely without personal interaction and that just doesn’t interest us.  We want our customers to experience is not just products and service, but a connection to our town and region.  Shepherd & Schaller Sporting Goods selection and expertise is complemented by our location across from the 400 Block Park and our customers comment regularly that shopping here is fun because the experience is a unique, complete package. 


Theresa Shepherd

Shepherd & Schaller Sporting Goods

One of the Favorite parts of having a business Downtown . . .

One of my favorite parts of having a business Downtown Wausau, is the people we meet.

Our bar has become an unofficial visitors bureau of sorts.  Due to our immediate location overlooking Wausau’s 400 Block we have the chance to meet people on their way to one of the many events Wausau actually draws people from all over the world to.  It’s the skiing at Granite Peak, curling at the largest curling facility in North America, the international kayaking course, The Grand Theater, Wausau’s Big Weekend, Artrageous weekend, the Concerts on the Square, farmers markets, Winterfest, First Thursday’s, the shopping, riverwalk, or something else (or no reason at all!) we are constantly seeing new faces amongst our regulars that continue to be amazed by what this city has to offer.

Another aspect I enjoy is the community minded small business owners in the downtown area.  It is extremely common to meet the actual owner of business your patronizing in Downtown Wausau.  This leads to a spirit of cooperation evident in large amount of events put on between business, and the support we lend each other in times of need.

As a community, Downtown Wausau continues to grow in a direction I want to be apart of, reinvest in, and spend my time

-Tyler Vogt
Malarkey’s Pub & Townies Grill