I love having my business located in Downtown Wausau . . .

I love having my business located in downtown Wausau. When I first started my business I got involved at the YWCA, because they offered affordable office spaces to new business owners. I stayed at that location for two years before my business outgrew that space. I then moved my business into the Washington Square Plaza. It has been a convenient location for me, because of its central location. It’s easy for my employees, clients, and other people I do business with to stop by the office as needed, and it’s just as easy for me to come and go as I need to. 

Another thing I love about the downtown location is all the different shops, diners, and places for me to entertain. Each of these places are available for me to go to when I am meeting clients. I also enjoy being located where there are so many great festivals and activities happening right outside my office window. The First Thursday and the 400 Block always provide great entertainment.

I have had an excellent experience running my business in downtown Wausau. I enjoy supporting the other River District businesses and have seen great benefits to the relationships I have with them. Having my business located downtown has helped me create many relationships with the other business owners, and they continue grow on both a business and personal level.

Bob Schneider,

Executive Cleaning