The move of La Prima from Fulton Street to Wausau's Downtown . . .

The move of La Prima from Fulton Street to Wausau’s Downtown was not easy, but worth it.  We had out grown our Fulton Street home and needed to expand.  The opportunity came along after a long search and we were excited!  I loved the vibe in our city’s downtown and hoped it would be all we needed to take our business to the next level!  We started out pretty shaky.  Resources were limited, especially our budget. We really wanted to prove ourselves as being up to the challenge to our new customer base, but we were struggling.  We reached out to local business owners for guidance.   What happened was pretty amazing.   Our business neighbors rallied round in ways I never expected.  We got help with marketing, printed materials and actual cost saving solutions.  New accounts were offered that gave us credibility.  

One talented, resourceful neighbor came to our rescue by transforming our shop to a warm and inviting atmosphere for our customers, while making it our special brand and Identity!   Never once did any of these individuals ask for anything in return!  This was Awesome, knowing full well what it takes to run a business day in and day out.  I will never forget all the generosity of precious time, talent and resources.   

This is only one story of many people, business owners and customers who helped our small business blossom.  It taught me a most valuable lesson, the importance of paying it forward.  I am proud to be part of this Down Town.  I am surrounded by generous, hardworking, talented business’ who want nothing more than to see their neighbors succeed.  That is the true mark of a great community!

La Prima
Rollinda R. Thomas