WRD's Listicles

New for 2017 and beyond is a fun take on "Top 10" lists. Meet Wausau River District's Listicles! Each month, a different listicle will feature various aspects of Wausau's own River District.


top 10 selfie spots in WRD

To kick off our series of listicles, we are featuring the top 10 Selfie Spots in Wausau's River District. 

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6 Ideas for a Date Night Out - Valentine's Day series Part 1

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Let Wausau's River District help you plan the perfect day, no matter your relationship status. 


9 WAYS TO enjoy valentine's Day as a single Gal/Guy - Valentine's day series part 2

Who say's Valentine's Day is only for couples? For all of our single ladies and gents out there, here is a guide to enjoy your Valentine's Day solo or with friends.


5 ways to bring valentine's day home - Valentines Day series part 3

Keep it simple and take advantage of Wausau's River District to make it an evening to remember with 5 ways to bring Valentine's Day home.